Upcoming Opportunities

Throughout the year, we offer numerous opportunities for PEER Physics teachers and potential partners to connect.  Join us to grow in your practice, connect with a collaborative group of teacher leaders, and to learn more about PEER Physics.

Are you a physics instructor who wants to join a collaborative community of teachers from across the nation to make physics instruction more inclusive and aligned with the NGSS?  You’ll gain access to the entire suite: all curricular resources and engaging and robust professional learning sessions that are just as much about the community as the professional development.

  • Who?

    High School Physics Teachers

  • When?

    2021-22 School Year

  • Where?

    Professional learning will be held virtually.

This year’s Summer Institute will be held virtually and is for both new Cohort members and returning PEER Physics Teachers. Cohort teachers will dive into the pedagogy and leave ready to kick off the school year. Are you a veteran PEER Physics Teacher? Join us to learn about how you can become a PEER Physics Facilitator or jump into a Working Group where you can explore “Problems of Practice” with other PEER Physics instructors.

  • Who?

    Cohort Members and Veteran PEER Physics Teachers

  • When?

    July 21-23

  • Where?

    Virtual Sessions

Join us this fall!

“It is always helpful to see you facilitate and lead and check out your resources and hear how different people think about different phases in the learning cycle. Love seeing and evaluating student work and the type of feedback to give.” -Workshop Participant

Our June Interactive Workshop series was a great success!  We look forward to offering another workshop series in the Fall.  Check back for additional information about upcoming interactive workshops!

Additional Information Coming Soon

Learn what the PEER Physics suite is about, first hand!  Come join our community of collaborative teacher leaders, teach with a PEER Physics chapter, and experience the unique approach PEER Physics takes to professional learning.  And you can do all of this for FREE!  Participants who fully engage in the pilot will receive a $500 stipend — equivalent to the registration fee!  The dates for the fall pilot are flexible, so you can join as it makes the most sense for you and your students.

Join us next year!

This year PEER Physics teachers, coaches, and district partners gathered for a day that was filled with collaborative conversations and idea sharing.  We’ll continue this work at the Summer Institute (July 21-23).  We hope you can join us!

We’ll host the 2022 Symposium in the spring of 2022 (Date TBD).  Check back for additional information about the Summer Institute and next year’s Symposium!