Chapter W Overview

PEER Physics teacher resources are designed to provide teachers with support for implementing a pedagogical approach in which the authority shifts from the instructor to experimental evidence and class consensus.  The teacher resources provide support and tools that will benefit the first time PEER Physics instructor as well as the seasoned PEER Physics instructor.

“If we see ourselves as predominantly teachers of curriculum – even exemplary curriculum – we have forgotten half of our professional role. We are teachers of human beings. The essence of our job is making sure that the curriculum serves as a catalyst for powerful learning for our students who, with our guidance and support, become skilled in and committed to the process of learning.” – Tomlinson & McTighe

Sound and light are the gateway for students to build and apply their understanding of wave properties. In Chapter W, students build and apply evidence-based models of sound waves. Students compare wave characteristics and models for light and sound before deepening their model for light to include interference and the particle model of light.