PEER Physics professional learning is designed to assist teachers in understanding and implementing scientific practices, through immersion experiences, collaboration with other teachers implementing PEER Physics, and understand the underlying pedagogical approach of the PEER Physics curriculum. This community of teachers engages in implementing PEER Physics and researching effects on their practice and their students.

Professional Learning Experiences

The PEER Physics professional learning experiences are carefully designed to respond to the needs of PEER Physics teachers and foster community and collaboration. PEER Physics also offers customizable professional learning and support packages including onsite professional learning, virtual collaboration and support, classroom observations and coaching, visiting a PEER Physics classroom in action (including a pre-brief, observation, and structured debrief in a lab visit format).

PEER Physics professional learning is most successful when…

  • The professional learning experiences are strategically spread out over the course of the school year in order to cultivate a cycle of learning, implementing, reflecting and refining.
  • Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with each other and try out pedagogical approaches experienced in the professional learning between visits.
  • Partnering with PEER Physics for 3-5 years in order to affect systemic change. The goal is to develop sustainable structures that allow teachers to continue to grow in their instructional practices and invite teachers new to PEER Physics into the collective learning that emerges during the partnership.

Professional Learning Options

Summer Institute — This professional learning experience sets the foundation for teachers to be successful in their initial implementation of PEER Physics and establishing a classroom culture in which learners develop, share, critique, argue, and revise evidence-based ideas. This institute may be offered at the beginning of each year, depending on the number of teachers new to implementing PEER Physics each year.
Year 1 PD — In Year 1, teachers grapple with pedagogical ideas such as how language shapes classroom culture, ways to facilitate small group interactions, strategies for consensus building and formalizing science ideas, and assessing and differentiating.
Year 2-5 PD — In Year 2, teachers deepen their understanding by participating in a book study, participating in peer learning labs, looking at student work to make claims about and to refine their implementation of PEER Physics, and co-construct extension experiences to use in their classrooms. In Years 3-5, topics for investigation are driven by additional needs of teachers and the project.
Coaching — Skilled coaches support teachers through planning, observing, and reflecting, as teachers transform their instruction, grapple with beliefs and values, and reflect on successes and challenges.
Learning Lab Visit — Visit a PEER Physics classroom in action. Observe a veteran PEER Physics teacher implementing PEER Physics with their students. Experience includes a structured, facilitated pre-brief and debrief. The host teacher takes the stance of lead learner, rather than expert.

Cultivating PEER Physics Leaders

Facilitator Training — Teacher leaders (volunteers or otherwise selected) learn ways to facilitate PEER Physics professional learning for their school/district. In particular, they learn how to leverage parallel pedagogy and inclusion strategies to build community among colleagues. Opportunities to practice co-facilitating parts of the PEER Physics professional learning are followed with structured coaching and reflection.
Learning Lab Training — Teacher leaders (volunteers or otherwise selected) learn how to facilitate learning lab and/or host a peer learning lab in their classroom while taking the stance of lead learner, rather than expert.
Coaching Training — PEER Physics coaches learn how to use Cognitive Coaching strategies and virtual coaching techniques to support PEER Physics teachers in difficult, thought provoking reflection and actionable professional growth.

Pricing Information: Associated costs will be negotiated based on the size and scope of the partnership.