PEER Physics establishes long-term partnerships that build and support communities of teachers, cultivate pedagogical growth, and foster student agency. Any new learning and curriculum adoption requires readiness to manage the resulting change. We work collaboratively to develop teacher, coach, and administrator expertise in order to sustain long term implementation and impact.

Setting a foundation

  • PEER Physics partnerships establish a foundation for building long-term instructional, curricular, and cultural growth.

Intentional support and alignment

  • The PEER Physics team collaborates with multiple stakeholders in order to ensure that the implementation of PEER Physics addresses the goals of each school or district.
  • Adopting a new curriculum and establishing professional learning is challenging — we support teachers and administrators with the change management required for successful adult learning and implementation.

Building internal capacity and confidence

  • Throughout our partnerships, teachers and administrators grow their knowledge of NGSS style instruction and develop their skills to guide students to develop, share, critique, argue, and revise evidence-based ideas.
  • We help build sustainability by training teachers, coaches, and administrators to become PEER facilitators. This strengthens the internal capacity to effectively develop long-term solutions to meet the needs of all students.

Collaborative planning and support

  • The PEER Physics team is a community of learners who are passionate about making the classroom exciting, relevant, and effective for students. We do this by listening carefully and co-planning with our partners to address their unique set of priorities.