A Suite Approach

PEER Physics offers a offers a comprehensive suite that includes curricular resources, professional learning, and long-term partnerships that lead to teacher community, pedagogical growth, and student success.  Through curriculum-supported, teacher-driven professional learning, our partners gain access to general and specific tools that lay the foundations for 9-12 experiences in science. Science is a classroom-friendly discipline because of its kinesthetic appeal and immediate, practical application. Introductory physics is a classroom-friendly science because of its macroscopic, observable nature that renders immediate results that are visible with the naked eye.

Curricular Resources

The PEER Physics curriculum integrates storylines, anchoring phenomena, and a learning cycle approach to address the NGSS Framework. The PEER Physics anchoring phenomena are designed to engage students with a socially-relevant and age-appropriate phenomenological situations, that help them become curious about a phenomenon that is directly related to the content from the chapter prior to beginning the chapter and throughout.

Professional Learning

PEER Physics has a simple and innovative approach: engage teachers in high quality professional learning with other practitioners, led by teacher facilitators who have been successful in the classroom, and amplify the experience using responsively designed curricular resources aligned to the current Standards.

Learning Together

Partnerships with PEER Physics typically extend for multiple years in order to affect systemic change. The goal is to develop sustainable structures that foster teacher growth in their instructional practices and invite new PEER Physics teachers into the learning community. We have built a reputation for responsively supporting our partners with instruction and with the systemic challenges they face.