Given the complex nature of educational contexts, the suite approach draws from a diverse literature of research-based theories and interventions to inform a holistic approach to supporting teachers in reforming their pedagogy. Primarily, knowledge of best practices around student and teacher learning, building supportive and adaptive networks, and institutional and organizational change, were used to develop design heuristics that guide our work with K-12 teachers. We are also committed to consistently evaluating the efficacy of our approach in achieving student learning outcomes.

The PEER Physics suite has been designed to help teachers foster learning environments that are inclusive, challenging, and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, including linguistically diverse learners, students with special needs (those above and below grade level), and students from other minoritized groups. Part of the focus of PEER Physics professional learning communities is on building and maintaining learning environments that foster inclusion and accessibility.

We look to PEER Physics students, teachers, parents, administrators, coaches, and support staff to learn about the impact the PEER Physics suite has in their contexts.  Learn more about how our curriculum-driven professional learning communities are impacting learners across the country.

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